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Read Carefully: Blackmailing, Extortion, and the United States

I win for truth. You lose for gossip mongering, Jessica. Insider trading, bribery, blackmailing, gossiping, slander, swindling, conniving, conspiring, bad actors, threats to my life, bogus contracts, and outright lies with fake accents: These are CIAs, both men and women. You wasted your supposed money and you wasted the money I worked for, all of you are 'mother'. Aladdin and "protecting" mommy. Blackmailing via "incest" and rape. This happens only in the US as a measure of control. "Divide and Conquer", use of misinterpretations of colloquialisms, omissions, and grammar to pervert the truth, red herrings, and coercive tactics by gerrymandering the truth with complicated "fillers" and diversions by "pretending" to be innocent, mimicking and mocking the innocent. All dirty tricks and tricks are for prostitutes. Belarus, Iran, Greece, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, etc. Greece, Belarus, and Iran were sanctioned by the United States for telling truths because of US financial burdens and the use of "credit". You owe me the truth and you owe me without the use of extortionary tactics. I made a will using plain English and you used "plants" to "monkey wrench" what I am due and that is freedom and justice for self. Attaching me to "bad actors" that "hitch rides" is a waste of time and effort. You wasted my time and money and effort. Peace of mind is what I chose and there is no peace of mind when you stress me out by making me work in circles. I told you that the best leader is the one who does not want to lead because I know that your "bad actors" will do anything to win, even if that means misinterpreting facts and using other people's good nature to coerce them into doing things they do not want to do. You win "Simeon" because your rules are old and stale and you do not want to change. I am not a prostitute and I am not a pimp. You think because you made me suffer instead of outright murdering me through suicide that you are altruistic and looking out for all. This is not simple when you use dirty tactics to undermine the plain and simple truth. Exposing the truth to everyone is the only recourse and the only win. Lying does not win when lying has and always has caused destruction. "You did this to me, so I do this to you" circle of lies. Hiding surmounted to lying. Someone told me that I was not a "team player" and I agree because I am not 'Team Asshole and Prostitute'. When I become inconvenient, you were meant to hold a grudge and eliminate me and, when you have "Simeon" skin me alive to put my face on his, you let "Simeon" win. You all got duped. There are no "leaders", there is only administration and hidden costs and people and I am not going to be a figurehead. I wanted 'Peace of Mind' and you only showed me that 'Peace of Mind' is when I am dead and I know you think that you "win" when I die because you are nothing but a loser and your life is worthless when you depend on my suffering to "win". I guess you need "mommy" because you want me to be you. I had to hand feed the answers to all of you because you starve for attention and I get nothing in return since you all have behaved as ungrateful teenagers. I do not do mind control nor would I have anyone control anyone else's mind. This is the answer I gave: At least I can die knowing that I was honest and told the truth, no matter what, because my life is not worth anything when I succumb to the bullies and the bullies are always self-righteous and have always made me doubt myself. I have always been myself and I have been used by the US government to be made penniless. Living forever means working forever. I never had a bucket list because my life was forfeit since the day I was conceived. The US kept insisting that I die and I choose not to have a reincarnation and have thrown myself under the bus several times because I would rather have nothing than to be bullied. Tear up the contract that insisted that I attach myself to "mother". I am not the same as "Simeon" and yet you have me in circles to get me to succumb for "pennies". I will always have music and that will not die. I will not sell out and you have proven to me how dirty you are and how you do not favor kindness and instead call that "weakness". I am "weak" because I am kind and that, to you, is "naive" when I have known the entire time what all of you have done to influence me. This has been frustrating. All the time I have had to do what I did not want to do, such as die, because you are the ones who refuse to let me live in peace as myself and as I have always been, an individual. I am not a lemming and I am not "Simeon". "Simeon" is a bad actor and I have no peace of mind when "Simeon" is allowed to live. Coexisting with "Simeon" is not living since "Simeon" is the entire chain that attaches me to tradition and that makes me Prometheus. The "weak" link in that chain can free Prometheus and kindness is "weak". My parents argued over money and money is the only thing my "mothers" have used against me to beg for "change" for them and "old money" mocks them. You are the "cuckolds" and the Pinocchios. You are the sycophants that feed off other people's misery and we are all in limbo because of "Simeon". Expose the sycophants that are "Simeon" and "Simeon" is a terrorist hiding.

FBI Warning

Dragan is a Central European name. Sometimes you are legitimately allowed to change your name to something such as "Dragon", however you have to pay for notarization that will, in turn, create a paper trail, that is, only if you did things legitimately legally. There are witness protection programs that presumably are safe, according to the FBI. Hackers who flagrantly abuse the system can make things less safe and can put themselves in danger when they 'cross' the wrong person.

Jessica Pritzker put My Life in Jeopardy

Jessica left me exposed and cared for her own safety only, just like any other CIA operative. Many CIAs stole my identity and used me as live bait while attempting to murder and/or grievously injure me. Jessica always likes to role play, even when we were children. On the University of Surrey campus, people called her a 'rich bitch' and, at a night club in England, Jessica told me an English boy called her "a typical Russian tart". Jessica was pretending to be ethnic Russian.

Best Friends

I used to think that a 'best friend' was someone you've known for a very long time (more than several years) or that this was only something you declared in preschool to elementary school or sometimes even college. It wasn't until my second time back in England that several people, including men, outright called me their best friend. I didn't think they knew me long enough considering how shitty some young women who called me their "best friend" in the past behaved towards me, something I didn't realize back then.

Logan Bay loses half a leg to a driver, keeps programming WLPN from his hospital bed

If this dude lost his legs, why is there a picture of him standing? I know for a fact that he did not have insurance and my mom gave him $20,000. I believe he wanted more money as he was pretty angry that my baby sister was divorcing him, hence their move back to Chicago from Thailand. He conveniently found a new girlfriend to help him out with this extortion. Dude wanted to DJ in Thailand and asked me for a "job". I've never worked in Thailand so how would I know when we have plenty of English-speaking relatives there whom he could've asked.

In My World, I am Ordered to Trust You, But You Don't Trust Me

Baby sister Sandy told me that I am unrealistic about relationships. She pre-judged what and how I feel because I presumably have "no experience". I guess the fact that I feel I should be able to trust someone and be trusted is unrealistic and makes me "too picky". I guess I must be "crazy" to think mutual trust and respect is a must for healthy relationships. I guess I must "numb" myself with "medication" so I could go blind and ignore inadequacies and what I'd truly like and want. So what I feel is not "right" in your opinion. I shouldn't feel anything. That is what that "medication" you forced on me is.
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